Friday, June 21, 2002

Filling in time till I can knock off early without calling attention to myself. I'm sure if I were to do a survey I'd find not a lot of people actually do much work around here. It looks like they're all working but I reckon they're either holding IM conversations, email conversations, browsing the web or otherwise amusing themselves. I snuck into the lunch room earlier, ostensibly to review a document but actually grabbed a 20 minute nap. Hope I didn't snore!

Thursday, June 20, 2002

Ho hum, another frightfully dull day at the office. After everything that's happened here in the last few months the total lack of activity now is going to drive me insane! I must be allergic to something in here. Whenever I walk in here my nose starts running, when I go outside it stops. ggrrrrrr.... I knew geek programmers are essentially insecure but I never realised just how insecure. I continue to stew over this, I should get over it but it just pisses me off! I'm going to give myself an ulcer. Be positive, think happy thoughts. It's not my problem.

Wednesday, June 19, 2002

The cold lingers as does my lethargy. The rest of the office went out to lunch today, I couldn't be bothered. Who wants to hang out with a bunch of geeks? The situation is made worse by the stupid firewall that stops me using Messenger so I can't even chat with anyone sensible.

Tuesday, June 18, 2002

Born 1963 in Melbourne. Roughly fifth generation Australian. Married, one daughter five months old. Work in the software development industry. Caught somewhere between painfully demanding suits in upper management with no real clue as to what they want and painfully introverted geek hack programmers who have trouble getting a dialog on the screen let alone producing a major piece of working software. Survived several rounds of downsizing over the last eighteen months but I suspect I'm on the short list. If they keep it up they'll downsize themselves right out of business. I used to be in middle management but I got told I was "too intimidating". LOL!!! suuuurrrrreeee!!! So anyway I told them to jam their middle management job and now I sit around and write meanlingless engineering documents. Your classic dead-end, mind numbing, lost-in-the-system, wish-I-was-dead type of job. What started out as an exciting and forward thinking company has turned into a study in mediocrity, where politics is placed over product and people spend their energies either covering their arse or looking for a back to stab. There's a group of us waiting for the final round of IPO share options to vest, then we can sell up and bugger off. It's worth hanging around, believe me and it's only a couple of months away. What they fondly refer to in the business as "golden handcuffs". In amongst all of that I've come down with the cold from hell, spent four days in bed, back at work and still feel like crap. Started applying for jobs but it's futile while I'm feeling this bad. Maybe next week...